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G&G Ugly Advertising SweatersTo celebrate the holidays, weve made our own line of ugly sweaters - advertising style.  Click your favourite brand of ugly to purchase your own!The Frankensweater: we really liked option A and D, so we decided to see what they look like together. Just to see.The FrankensweaterThe One Hour Turnaround Sweater: We did the best we could with the time allotted to us, or lack thereof.The One Hour Turnaround SweaterThe Make the Logo Bigger! Sweater: Theres no such thing as too big when it comes to logos.The Make the Logo Bigger! SweaterThe No Main Message Sweater: This one may have lost its focus a bit.The No Main Message SweaterThe Improperly Kerned Sweater: Does something seem a little off to you?  Nah, its good to go to print.The Improperly Kerned SweaterThe Comic Sans Sweater: Stay classy this holiday season by showing your love for a true typographical staple.The Comic Sans Sweater

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