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Seize the Days

The day has so much to offer; which is why Days Inn wants friends and family to take advantage of every possible moment away together. Get out there and make memories, so says your cheer captain.

Days Inn

Gone in 6 Seconds.

As part of the ongoing ‘Bask in the Sun’ campaign for Days Inn Worldwide and playing off of Days Inn’s iconic sun, this series of 6 second spots weaves filming, editing, and storytelling in less time than it took to read this.

Days Inn

Bask In The Sun

The sun is a beacon of light everyone gravitates towards. It can give life to a farmer’s crops, signals the start of a new day, and yes, even kills vampires. Centered around the power of the sun, this brand new campaign marks a historic departure for Days Inn Global as it moves away from its decade old strategy, embracing a more humorous tone and positioning the hotel brand’s iconic sun logo as hero.

It doesn't take a spaceship to travel to the sun. It's not just gravity that pulls you towards the sun.  It's also free wi-fi. The sun. Good for business, pleasure and photosynthesis. Vampires Beware.