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Turing Heads and Warping Faces

Our Frosterize Your Face campaign for Mac’s/Circle K hit Snapchat this summer. The filter got 12 million social media interactions – a number typically reserved for cat videos or when T-Swift has another breakup.
See the frosty beverage’s hot results here:


Video Link For Turning Heads and Warping Faces.


Authentically India

Beekman 1802’s Trip of a Lifetime is all about authentic travel experiences. To capture that we designed an itinerary that gives readers a visual taste of India, and a reason to find home super boring.


Link Image For Authentically India


Moving On Up

Congrats to Lauren & Julie on becoming Account Directors. The hard work and payoffs paid off.


Link Image For New Gents

We also have five new Gents: Account Coordinators Kelly & Lauren, Account Manager Lindsay, Account Intern Emily, and Office Manager Carolyn. Also, Molly has a new hat.


Good stuff to know

The winners for the Cannes Cyber Lions are available for your perusal. Follow the link below to see this year’s best in digital advertising. Here’s a neat game: take a drink every time you say, “Wish I thought of that.”


Image Of Cannes Cyber Lions Award


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