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Going global for Days Inn

Our new North American campaign for Days Inn, the world’s largest value hotel chain, is ready to be unleashed. Stare into the sun below, to see all three commercials.


Try the waffles. They're phenomenal.


G&G gets the foam finger

Sports equipment manufacturer INARIA has chosen us to position their stylish and tech-savvy brand. This partnership marks INARIA’s first time with an agency, and our first sports brand. Score.


G&G gets the foam finger



Daisy is blooming

We rebranded AI analytics company Daisy, a business dedicated to helping a world overwhelmed by indecipherable data. We made a snazzy new logo to make Daisy grow above the competition. The supercomputer was pleased with our offering.

Daisy Intelligence

Three new gents

G&G grows yet again.



A gent with a better Elmo impersonation than Elmo himself.


A gent who speaks so softly, you’d think you were being hit with Cottonelle toilet paper.


Urban Dictionary defines a Simran as: “Awesome in general. Worth keeping them as a friend. Want a shoulder to cry on, get a Simran.”


Good stuff to know

Snapticles are the new shades this season.


Snapticles are the new shades this season.


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