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From To-do to Ta-da

Coming in September is Ta-da, a line of household products with a brand focus on ease and accomplishment. We created the entire branding and packaging. Chores haven’t been this relaxing since getting the kids to do it.

  Getting Judgey

Our Co-Founders and Co-Creative Directors Natalie Armata and Alanna Nathanson will be judges in two upcoming advertising awards shows. Natalie will be judging the RDG Student Awards while Alanna will be judging the Applied Arts Awards.


2 New Gents

Jordan joins us as Art Director. Jordan fun fact: his great, great, great grandfather was a famous Dutch sea captain. Jordan is not. But he can expertly navigate a Mac. Hameeda is our newest Account Coordinator and said that if she could shrink one animal to fit in her pocket it would be a dolphin… we don’t know why she told us this.

  2 New Gents

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads allow advertisers to promote their products to those most likely to buy them. Now they can also reach them on Instagram, delivering personalized content across both platforms.


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